About us

Established in Beirut in 1991, Ebenista Linea sarl started an interior design and manufacturing wood works contracting.

Our performance in the local and the regional market opened a way for a fast growing but sure steps for enlarging its market share. Following the growth and the post war era of the Lebanese economy, Ebenista Linea, had to widen its horizons and capabilities to compete with other companies.

Ebenista Linea is a sister company of many others, specialized in the field of engineering and construction.

Human resources

It is obvious that the growth of Ebenista Linea is due to the quality of its human resources. 80 employees in different fields are ensuring high performance, quality and competence. Located in different areas of Beirut according to the type of activities, Ebenista Linea employees are managed by a central department and marketed by a central unit.

Our Group

Prima Linea is a part of group of several companies performing in different fields as follows

Prima Linea

Established in Beirut in 1988, Prima Linea sarl started as an architecture, interior design and contracting company.

Rawad Construction

Engineering and contracting, established in 1992.

Libano Kraft

American building products, established in 1995.

Publi Media

Marketing and advertising, established in 1991.

Bright Timber

Wood works, Part of our group and established in 1991.

Wild Wood

Creative Wood Works.

Our Portfolio

Viewing our Portfolio will definitely give you a great idea about our work diversity and variety.

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